It’s been a while since the last news but that doesn’t mean that things have been quiet.

A lot has been going on under the surface that has been completed and there is now a lot about to be launched.

The Bach to Me album is now released. After a year and half of preparation, writing, recording, mixing , mastering, co-ordinating… it is f1nally out! The album is starting to get great feedback from people who have heard it. You can download your copy from iTunes, Amazon and other major online stores.

I am changing direction and quite a bit has fallen away. There are no more online drum lessons, no online recording sessions, my teaching is gradually being phased out.

I am moving in a direction that will eventually see me doing only two things:

1. Music – recording, playing live and collaborating with other artists. This will be in mainly the Progressive Rock field but will cross boundaries when appropriate.

2. I am about to launch Positive Life Performance. Focused on mentoring, this is a culmination of all that I have done over the years to a sharp focus in helping people overcome stage fright and performance anxiety, achieve optimum results by developing an effective practice structure and work schedule, build the self confidence to overcome obstacles, and change bad or unwanted habits. And more… This is something I have been planning for a long time and which I am very passionate about.

I am recording an album with Duncan Mackay this year that will greatly reflect our work together so far in a Progressive Rock genre. This is very exciting and indeed an honour to be working with one of my musical heroes.