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A book without conventional chapters and not only for performing artists! Performing Without Barriers uses PERFORMANCE as the fundamental vehicle in how to improve ability in not just performance delivery onstage but general life skills, thereby making it relevant to anyone regardless on whatever line of work or career they involves themselves in.

Learn how to implement unique techniques and principles such as:

  • RPD  (Research | Practice | Delivery) Process of Performance.  Learn the 11 tools of performance and how to effectively structure preparation that lead to delivering your ultimate performance.
  • Georg’s tried and tested ‘3 Steps to Clarity’ method teaches you how to gain greater clarity in sorting out not only performance related issues, but major life problems.
  • Focus vs. Concentration. Discover how to correctly apply these vital elements to achieve optimum results for short and long term success.
  • and more…

Intriguing and different, this book is essential for anyone wanting to improve their life and sharpen their performance skills.



“All the world’s a stage” proclaimed Shakespeare.

If this is truly the case, which it is,  that means we are all actors in this phenomenon we call life. It then stands to reason that the better our ‘acting skills’ the better we will perform every day, regardless of whatever it is we wish to accomplish.

You’re only as good as your last gig! A true statement that applies to not only the performance arts sector,  but every walk of life.

Using PERFORMANCE as the underlying focus in how to improve not just onstage performing ability but everyday life skills, Georg’s clarity in sharing tried and tested principles is presented throughout this book. Alarmingly simple and hands on, ‘Performing Without barriers’ focuses on the essential tools needed to deliver your best performance every time whatever field you involve yourself in. Avoiding conventional chapters this book deals with all important performance tools such as:

  • Mastery
  • Passion
  • Self Expression
  • Organization
  • Energy
  • Repetition
  • Mindfulness
  • and more…

Fresh and different, this book is essential for anyone wanting to improve their life and sharpen their performance skills.



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