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For all performing artists!   ‘Fame Art Fortune’ was conceived due to the numerous requests Georg received to release a book like ‘Rhythm of the Head’, but aimed at all performers and written in a much more general format.  All the relevant and important information is retained and will even appeal to non performers curious to learn more about the entertainment industry and the performers mindset. Some drumming anecdotes and terms remain where necessary, though importantly, the uncomplicated ‘layman’s’ style of writing that proved so popular with Rhythm of the Head readers has been retained. Suitable for all levels of performers from beginner to professional.

Don’t miss this book! Your passport to gaining a much clearer understanding of what is required to achieve success in the music industry – and how to maintain it!

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Available on backorder


There are many books out there with the aim of showing you ‘how to do’ something.  In the area of the performing arts, these books generally focus on the technical aspects.  This process is extended further with services offered by private teachers and institutions such as schools and universities that often lean toward the practical side of whatever art is being studied.  If you happen to find any literature leaning away from the practical side of things, you might find that it’s usually written in such deep Freudian ‘crazyspeak’ that you need a psychologist to make any sense of it.

With this pre-occupation on the practical element, what about the other side, the forgotten element that can’t be seen or touched? The mental process.   The times when you’re not actually doing the physical part of practicing, rehearsing or performing, but when you’re thinking about your performance situation, ie. how you’d like to perform (better), trying to break a cycle of negativity, preparing for an important  audition or contemplating how to improve your career prospects,  and more…

For example:

  • How do you maintain enthusiasm in the face of setbacks?
  • How do you conquer self doubt and develop that all important ‘positive attitude’ ?
  • Why do performers with seemingly lesser ability sometimes do better than others with superior ability?
  • How valid is the age-old term ‘no pain no gain’ in your quest for recognition?
  • Does visualizing a successful performance before an event actually work?
  • Is setting goals an integral part of your road to success?
  • If so, how do you define success?
  • How do you balance money and art?

These questions and many more are dealt with in Fame Art Fortune.

A veteran of the music business and respected educator, Georg Voros skilfully guides you along the often rocky road to success in the music industry and any other area associated with the performing arts. A most valuable read for anyone contemplating a career in the arts, or those seeking insight into the performing arts world.


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