Running with Shakespeare – readers reviews


“As if he was talking to you personally, Georg Voros motivates, instills positivity and reminds us of our potential with good advice and interesting stories to back it up. Alogical and practical guide to disciplined practice and performance, to get you where you want to be!” – Arien de Beer 3D Graphic artist

“I’ve been a student of Georg’s for the past 3 and a half years and have learnt much over that time. As a mentor, Georg has a wealth of knowledge to offer. The contents of this book is no exception. I found it to be applicable and encouraging on both sides of the scale – As an aspiring drummer and as a person with a professional career in the corporate world. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of your career choice if you’re looking for some practical and honest inspiration to help you achieve performance excellence.” –
Geoffrey Smith – Business Intelligence Consultant, Pragmatic Works. Diploma in Music Performance (DipRSL Perf) Drum kit.

“The best word to describe this book is Wow, totally in sync with the way i want to approach life, plan effectively and efficiently, realistic, holistic views of reaching your goals. This is definitely a fresh and different outlook to finding the right balance that everyone needs to manage the stresses of life. I would definitely recommend this book as this has really helped me to re-evaluate the way I move forward”. – Brendan Naidoo SAP CRM Consultant CONSNET (Pty) Ltd

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