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Rhythm of the Head

Rhythm of the Head

“The book is part catharsis, part self analysis, part justification for the cool state of mind and positive attitude Georg Voros has attained during a long and varied career. Read carefully it can help new and old drummers faced with the complexities of getting on with other musicians, tackling auditions and recording sessions, playing for name artists and much more. With enough drum technique books around nowadays to confound Terry Bozzio through five lifetimes, this sort of good-sense drummers’ survival guide is an essential antidote”
– Geoff Nicholls -(freelance drum journalist and the UK’s Making Music’s Drum Hum columnist)

” Different, because it’s not just about paradiddles. Instead, Voros – a seasoned session man brings drumming into the realm of philosophy”
– Q UK

“This book is aimed at aspiring drummers as well as professional musicians offering readers a fascinating and entertaining insight into the world of drums and drumming”
– Music Africa – South Africa

“This book can provide some of the tea and sympathy we all need from time to time in our quiet times of doubt and reflection. If you need it, it’s here”
– Stanley Hall Talking Drums USA

“A book like this this was bound to come along eventually – This is a special book. Special in that it is so comprehensive – For me his strength lies in the understanding he gives to the whole business of drumming. – If only I’d had this valuable perspective in my early years. – Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned campaigner, there is every chance you’ll find yourself in this book. A must for anyone considering a career in the music business”
– Ted McKenna (ex Greg Lake) – Musician (Journal of the British Musicians Union)

“Georg Voros has done something special here. The author presents the message that anyone can be as good as they want to be should the motivation and altitude be right. There is so much more that can be said about this gem of a book and its contents. Any musician can apply the Rhythm of the Head ideas to his/her instrument.”
– Jaco Pienaar – drums&percussionSA South Africa