Georg’s Preface

“Welcome to this newly revised and up to date edition of Rhythm of the Head.

Many years have passed since this book was originally published in 1995. I am immensely proud of this work. What was initially a wild idea, putting some thoughts and ideas to paper, just to see what might happen, has proven to be quite a personal triumph! Little did I realize how this book would affect and influence so many people. If you had told me that it would form the basis of school and college projects, be quoted in university theses, or change practice and performance attitudes, I would have seriously questioned your foresight.

In the original edition of Rhythm of the Head, I didn’t re-invent the wheel in offering never-before-heard-of motivational information; I merely took existing thoughts and ideas and turned them into my own by using real-life and career experiences. Also, many drummers who have read the first book and with whom I was fortunate to have personal contact, remarked on how easy it was to read and how much common sense it contained. The kind of common sense where you might think, “I know that, so why don’t I use it?” Or “why didn’t I think of that?” That was it! The primary aim of the book was to get the information across in a simple and easy to understand format. Many times drummers would tell me that they managed to read Rhythm of the Head in one or two days. One drummer I met personally told me that he read the book five times while on holiday with his folks! I don’t take comments like this lightly and I thank each and every person who read the first edition.

So, why not a Rhythm of the Head Part 2, as many drummers requested? I personally didn’t think a sequel was the way to go, as the original book contained the key elements and most important information I wanted to share. I was also fearful of putting out a sequel that didn’t measure up to the first book. I find it rare that a sequel is equal to, or better than its predecessor. Out of this viewpoint came the idea of producing a revised edition – the same book, but more up to date and containing additional newer information. The world in 2009 is now quite different to what it was in 1995 when this book first emerged. The internet was no-where to be seen and music and recording technology has evolved greatly since that time. Also, many drummers reading this revised edition will have been in kindergarten or junior school when the original came out and possibly missed it. It is in regard to this newer generation of drummers that this book is offered in modern formats such as an e-Book and MP3 Audio book. I also believe… not because it has more information to impart, that this new edition is a better book. It is better because the writing has come of age and I feel that I possess more in-depth knowledge now in what I do, as opposed to where I was in 1995.

Finally, just as I did many years ago when writing this book in taking existing ideas and concepts and turning them into my own, so too should you do the same with the information I offer in this book. Take the ideas and concepts offered here and integrate them into your personal situation and make them work for you – in your own way.

I hope you enjoy reading this 21st century edition of Rhythm of the Head as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Georg Voros

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