Dom’s Foreword

“I travel the world playing/teaching/writing and studying drums. I had the opportunity, many years ago, to meet Georg in the UK and then again in South Africa. We performed together many times and taught many drummers in these tours.

I am so impressed with Georg as a player/teacher/musician/writer and his dedication to research, in this book, the ultimate journey we face as musicians…how we can prepare our mind, our attitude and our destiny! Rhythm of the Head is the guide to understanding the obstacles we will encounter in the music industry.

We use a small percentage of our brain limiting our potential for greater results. Socrates said…’An unexamined life is not worth living.’ To question ourselves and be willing to grow and change is the true path to success. It may take some reprogramming of old bad habits to evolve them into new good habits!

To pursue new mental techniques and open doors of achievement is a proven way to tap into unused potential! As there are rudiments in drumming….this is a fundamental rudiment of life!

I especially like the new added chapters….’Creative Visualization’ which is a technique I continue to use in my global travels. Also, ‘Your Personal Global Agency – The Internet’ which offers the understanding of you getting your message to the globe from your computer!

Einstein said, ‘You cannot solve new challenges with old solutions.’ What Georg has given us is are tools for new solutions! Read carefully and apply these ideas into your daily life of being a musician in today’s world! Build the career you want!

Each of us walks and lives life to the beat of a different drummer. Some people make waves…some people ride the wave and others spend their entire life looking for the beach! You must decide where you fit in and where you want to be!

We learn the rhythm of drumming to give us the vocabulary to express ourselves in any musical situation. Now is the time to learn the Rhythm of the Head to give us the chance to move forward in our desire to share our talent with the world!

Be the wave maker and enjoy each word you read….!”

Dom Famularo
Drumming’s Global Ambassador

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