Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and Consulting

Expertly tailored for individuals or teams

Georg Voros is a Peak Performance Specialist operating from an unorthodox, yet highly effective perspective when it comes to the often over complicated area of personal and team performance requirements.

Executive Coaching

Got the position, got the money, but still finding it hard to cope? I get it. I’ve been there! It’s all about performance and attitude!

Bespoke coaching for professionals at all levels to increase efficiency and productivity, even accelerate career growth.


Coaching for Competitive Performers

Reach new heights in performance arts and sports

Perfect for individuals within high pressure, competitive fields such as sport, acting or music to overcome the daily demands of performance pressure, expectation and delivery for improved all round results.

Personal Coaching

Performing well in your personal life can be as important as in your professional life. More important even.

A tailor-made, holistic approach designed to enhance general performance and leap over the hurdles of daily life. Inwardly focused to increase positivity.

Business Performance Consultancy

Help your team achieve their business goals

Georg’s unique approach can help SME’s and organisations identify core operational issues related to Business Performance inefficiency that can often be overlooked or missed. Highly practical and focused on increasing productivity.

Competitive Performance Consultancy

Get the results you and your team deserve

Georg’s respected performance pedigree and practically orientated style can help coaches, managers and any person in a leadership position get improved results for their team or organization. Football teams are a particular area of strength and interest here.


Keynote for Business Professionals

Refocus your business goals and enrich your team

Is working in a successful band any different to operating within any other success orientated organization? Book Georg for an illuminating and galvanizing keynote talk that explores an unusual perspective in how to confidently identify performance related issues that are currently a cause of concern for you and your team, and how to move forward with unified resolve and expansion to achieve improved wide-ranging results.

Keynote for Competitive Professionals

Give your team a competitive edge

A meticulously formulated Keynote for professionals within high-performance, competitive disciplines such as sport or performing arts. The key focus is on progression by improving performance efficiency using a multiple angle approach to motivate individually and also collectively. An energizing talk that will inspire all present to up their game and contribute more towards team strength and targets.

Why Work With Georg?

Authentic! Effective! Practical!

Georg brings over 45 years performance experience to the table from performing, mentoring to training. His methods are tried and tested and have benefitted many within multiple sectors. With Georg you are guaranteed a highly practical and inspirational approach in the field of self development, leadership and team unification.

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Quick Contact

Quick Contact

“I am privileged to know Georg Voros well as a professional drummer and musical performer. However, I have also seen Georg perform as a coach, mentor and people-manager. Whilst it’s easy to spot a great musical performance, it is not always easy to identify someone who can extend ‘high-performance’ skills into every-day life situations – Georg is massively qualified in both areas. Whether you are a company, team or an individual – I would recommend Georg to help you do what you do – even better!”

Dr Ken Turnbull PhD CEng FIET FRINA.

President Core Global Business Solutions Ltd – Consultant to Industry & Formula One Motor Racing