Rhythm of the Head

Creating Performance Excellence

Originally published in 1995 and read by many drummers around the world, Rhythm of the Head has been completely revised and extra chapters added to bring the book right up to date with current musical trends and terminology.

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“This is a special book. Special in that it is so comprehensive – For me his strength lies in the understanding he gives to the whole business of drumming. – If only I’d had this valuable perspective in my early years. – Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned campaigner, there is every chance you’ll find yourself in this book” – Ted McKenna – MUSICIAN (Journal of the British Musicians Union)

“This book is thought provoking and valid for any drummer” – Steve White (The Style Council, Paul Weller)

“Full of common sense and wisdom dispensed in a positive and practical manner” – Bill Bruford (Earthworks, King Crimson, Yes)

“Written with clarity and insight he (Georg Voros) touches on everything from the physical to the psychological aspects of drumming” – Virgil Donati (Independent)

“This book makes a very good contribution in redressing the balance between the mental and physical states” – Francis Seriau (drumming authority and ex-Director of Drumtech in London)

RHYTHM OF THE HEAD is also endorsed by Mark Mondesir (Courtney Pine, Jeff Berlin…), Lloyd Ryan (UK celebrity drum teacher/Clinician/Author), Gary Husband (Independent/Clinician), Carl Palmer (Emerson Lake and Palmer, Asia) and Peter Baron (Elkie Brooks, Albert Lee, The Three Degrees).


how to STAY POSITIVE in the face of setbacks

how Extra Slow Playing (ESP) can rapidly increase the QUALITY of your drumming

how to avoid being intimidated at AUDITIONS and how the audition factors list can greatly increase your chances of GETTING THE GIG

how you can be CREATIVE in any musical situation

why OVERPLAYING can sometimes be a good thing

how to effectively prepare yourself in order to work successfully with CELEBRITIES

how the competition out there can be used to your ADVANTAGE

how to SET GOALS in order to ACHIEVE what you want and not waste time in getting there

and much more …..

Of a more practical nature there is even advice on how to SET UP your drums so that your playing works more efficiently FOR YOU, and not against you – how to put together DEMO PACKAGES that really work – practical advice on HEALTH and safety issues that affect drummers – and more…..

Yes ! Rhythm of the Head is the book that no drummer should be without. A wealth of information jam packed into 25 chapters – totally dedicated to the drummer.

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