Rhythm of the Head

This highly inspiring and REVISED motivational drumming book by Georg has been read by many drummers around the world.  In fact, some people have re-read this book up to six times.

Rhythm of the Head is alarmingly simple and illuminating; it focuses on all important areas such as effective auditioning, motivational attitude, how to set goals that work, creative visualization, working with stars, addressing the fine balance between money and art…  and much more.  Endorsed by Carl Palmer, Virgil Donati, Gary Husband and Mark Mondesir, this book is a must have for drummers of all levels and ages.

“I am so impressed with Georg as a player/teacher/musician/writer and his dedication to research, in this book, the ultimate journey we face as musicians…how we can prepare our mind, our attitude and our destiny! Rhythm of the Head is the guide to understanding the obstacles we will encounter in the music industry.” – Dom Famularo

Creating Performing Excellence

Please note: This book has been discontinued and will be available soon. Check back later or contact us

This life-changing, no-nonsense book by Georg focuses on the essential tools required to cultivate the correct mindset and methods to deliver your best performance every time – whatever instrument you play, or indeed whatever career path chosen. You will discover his alarmingly simple to apply ‘RPD’ Process of Performance that will greatly increase your understanding of how to effectively structure preparation for any kind of performance or project. Also revealed is Georg’s tried and tested 3 step method on how to organize and structure yourself in order to achieve optimum results.

This book is highly motivating and an essential requirement to success for any person desiring to perform at their highest potential and live life how they choose.

“I found this book to be an exceptional example of the wonders of realizing ones goals and ultimately, one more part of one’s huge potential.” – Greg Hadjiyorki Georgiades – MUSICIAN! BA(Psyc,Soc) Hons(Psyc) MA(Clin Psyc)

Fame Art Fortune

This book will be available in the latter part of 2022 in printed paperback format. Contact us to keep updated on its release.

This new book is a must for all performing artists!

Based on Georg’s widely read drumming motivational book ‘Rhythm of the Head’ that captured the imagination of many drummers. ‘Fame Art Fortune’ retains all this important information but in a more generalised format. Many who read ‘Rhythm of the Head’ commented how the philosophy applied to anyone, regardless of genre, age or instrument. This lead to many requests for Georg to release a more generalized book. The result is an easy to read, street-wise and motivational work that will greatly expand your horizons in your quest for success. Discover how to effectively market yourself, better deal with performance pressure, how to develop a good reputation, how to use the competition to your advantage and much more.

Whether you desire Fame, Art or Fortune, or all of this, be ahead of the pack by adding this source of valuable information to your library which you can refer to at any time when required.

“Mr Voros’ book is full of common sense and wisdom dispensed in a positive and practical manner” – Bill Bruford (drummer and bandleader – Earthworks, King Crimson, Yes)