Welcome back!

This blog post features day 3 and 4 of us building our ‘box within a box’ soundproof drum booth system. For those of you reading this and who missed part one then check it out as you’ll see the great progress gained from when we started out. Click HERE to go to this blog.

As a reminder in why I’m doing this: In recently moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, I need a place to practice and also record my acoustic drum kit. Also, a major reason for doing this is because I’ll soon be recording an album with keyboard wiz Duncan Mackay who is also helping me build this drum booth. In fact it’s Duncan and his very clever wife Suzanne who’ve done all the measurements for the booth.

The idea behind this is to have a room that will be totally free standing and totally portable in the sense that it can be dismantled and moved to another location. When I say portable I don’t mean that I’ll just fold it up and take it around in a car at will. No it’s way too bulky for that to happen and will take some time to dismantle and re-assemble.

Okay, on days 1 and 2 we got a lot done. So the main objective on day 3 was to start installing the soundproof material ‘Thermoacoustex’. This went very well and we managed to install this material into 4 wall panels. Check out the pic below in which you see the little batons nicely lined up onto which the Thermoacoustex was glued. Ths allowed a small air gap which is important for maximum sound proofing.


After all these batons were firmly glued we then started to fix the Thermoacoustex. Check out below the first wall panel with the soundproof material installed. We used a glue that is called ‘Sticks like sh t’. Yep, that’s what it’s called and is made by Bostik. It’s not cheap but is super tough and dries very quickly.

ist thermoacoustex

We then worked our butts off and had some lunch. This is Duncan below in the next pix taking a break and recharging with a cig and coffee.


After lunch we motored on and completed 4 wall panels and called it a day

We came back fresh on day 4 and completed the rest of the 7 wall panels as planned. Below you can see some of them lined up against the wall. Great site for us to see, believe me!

more thermo

We then even managed to get the inside 6mm plywood walls onto three panels before finishing for the day. Below is a pic of the first two completed wall panels. Hurrah!

completed first

And then that was it.

Check out the next blog (Part Three) for days 5 and 6 to see how we completed the build. Yes, six days allocated for this project. In Part Four you will see the box erected in my studio and the kit inside it.

After that you will slowly start to hear some drum tracks as I get around to them. Exciting stuff!

See ya next time!