Welcome back!

Apologies for taking so long to deliver Part Three of this series. Things have been a little crazy and tasks had to be arranged in order of priority. Never-the-less, here it is.

Before we get to pics of the completed booth here is a reminder why this all came about.

In recently moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, I needed a place to practice and also record my acoustic drum kit. Also, a major reason for doing this is that I’m recording an album with keyboard wiz Duncan Mackay who helped me build this. In fact it’s Duncan and his very clever wife Suzanne who’ve did all the measurements for the booth.

The idea behind this was to have a room totally free standing and totally portable in the sense that it can be dismantled and moved to another location. When I say portable I don’t mean that I’ll just fold it up and take it around in a car at will. No it’s way too bulky for that to happen and will take some time to dismantle and re-assemble.

On days 1 and 2 we got a lot done – if you haven’t yet done so check out Part one to see what we got up to. The main objective on days 3 and 4 was to start installing the soundproof material ‘Thermoacoustex’ which went very well and we managed to install this material into 4 wall panels. Check out Part two. The whole build took about nine days in total to where the booth was ready to start setting up my kit.

Below I have pictures of the completed booth and drum set up process. Also I can tell you that it works amazingly well. Think of it like a giant bass trap. I can play drums while my wife can watch TV in the same house! And the TV lounge is just down the passage from my studio. The sound is GREAT!

The first pic below is the side walls going up.

two walls

The next pic is the first section of the roof going up. Who said cymbals stands only hold up cymbals.

2 1st roof

This pic shows the roof in place with the electrics (Light and plug) installed.

3 roof

Here we have the view from the door showing the window of the booth.

4 room view

This pic shows the beginning of setting up the kit.

5 drums on floor

In this pic the kit set up is taking shape more and more.

6 setup

This pic shows another view of the kit set up taking place.

7 setup

The last pic here shows the drum mic stands being positioned.

8 setup

Thanks for checking this out. Part four will feature some links to recordings and pics of the kit final set up.

Until then…