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My proposed band needs some background on how it’s arrived at this point.

The music for this album was actually written about five to six years ago and meant to be the material for my first solo album. If you’re not aware, my debut album Bach to Me was released at the end of 2014 and the direction of the album was mainly Progressive and Symphonic Rock. There are a few reasons for this but suffice to say, it took this direction because it was the right thing to do at the time. The album received great reviews in countries like Italy, Holland, USA, Canada and England. If I had been back living in the UK at the time I would have formed a band to capitalize on the positive vibe happening at the time and take it on the road to play it live as there is a market to support that over there. I was however, in South Africa and decided against the live band format due to, probably a lack of support for this kind of music. I’m sure you might agree.

In 2015/2016 I then did a collaborative Prog Rock album called ‘The Bletchley Park Project’ with keyboard player Duncan Mackay. The plan was to also take that album on the road and play live in Europe. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan and that was shelved. The album did however secure a release in Japan.

To move to the present: the material for my next album as I mentioned above is already written. My original intention was to carry on the Prog theme/genre that the previous albums mentioned above had taken. However, this has changed. This material was originally written and intended to what could be categorized as ‘World Music’ orientated, and for a while I played with the idea of redirecting it to a solely Prog Rock nature.

There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to not do this:

1. As I write this I’m sitting in an apartment in Hong Kong and I’ve seen the range of artists that visit a place like this, which has a very vibrant international music scene. The World Music ‘genre’ fits into this.
2. The Prog market is big, but not as big and varied as the World Music market where the music that is on this next album and beyond could easily feature on a Jazz, Roots, or Alternative festival – including Prog.
3. I also feel very deeply attached to the format of this music because firstly it is personal and also so varied and interesting to play.

So what is the plan?


I intend to form a band here in South Africa to play this material both locally and internationally within a certain market. A bold statement that: internationally. However, with what I’ve achieved to this point, I believe that this could happen as the influences on the album support this and also, I’ve built up some profile due to the previous albums mentioned above. The very worst case scenario would be if you played in this band and we played only local shows… and had some fun doing it. There are a few venues that would support this, but I’m also the kind of person who would organize shows to make that happen. However, the overall intention is to take this beyond South Africa.


These are excerpts from the full tracks! You will hear short sections fading in and of each other. All the music has been recorded by me. In other words, I’ve played everything. The solos are merely there for direction because I’m not a keyboard soloist as such. So, don’t study the solos 😊. The guitar sounds are all samples.

These are definitely demos, but I believe I effectively convey the direction of this music. You will hear Rock, African, European Latin and Jazz, even some Prog within the music. What I urge you to listen to is the ‘vibe’ and think how you would add your personal touch to take it further and add a personal stamp. The music may have been written by me, but what I’m looking for are musicians to take what has been already recorded and enhance it further, while still retaining the original identity.


I’m also looking for serous musicians. This might not be a lucrative earner (in the beginning – nothing ever is) and you will no doubt currently be doing whatever it is to make money. However, don’t commit to this band if you’re going to have a half-arsed attitude. This band will require some work to get it to a point where it’s on the level it should be to be able to present it first locally, and then beyond these borders. If the thought of that excites you like it does me then cool. But you’re gonna have to work for it, just like I will.


I will drive the band and make sure that I do everything I can to make it successful to where I personally would like it to be. That’s my guarantee!

If you like what you hear and want to chat to me, then inbox me your number on Facebook or send me a message via my website.

Thanks for being here.


Click on a title to listen:

Note: These are all MP3 format files which is not my first choice. But knowing that South African internet connections are sometimes not always quick, that’s why I’ve done this. 

Click on a title to listen:


1 Inbetween Past and Present

This is the title track so that’s why it’s first.  You’ll hear a Rock influence, some Prog and whatever else you think is in there. Yes, I can sing and play drums at the same time. This is a little bass heavy in mix.

2 Cool Mountain Waters

Very different to the first track and has some fusion influences with a short Latin influence towards the end. This track has loads of different moods to it which is apparent when you listen to the whole thing.

3 Magyar Shuffle

Magyar means Hungarian. My ancestry is Hungarian. There is no Hungarian influence anywhere in this track, so its tongue in cheek as there is an actual Hungarian Dance by Brahms on this album. There is definitely an African influence which is clear, and which moves into extending soloing later. Great to play live. I played with Marco Minnemann on the same drum show and played this track which he told me really liked.

4 Black Samba

A change of pace. This either needs an upright bass or acoustic bass. Again an African influence but which you might hear in New York. Quite simple but vibey.

5 Hungarian Dance (number 2) – by Brahms

This is a quick Be Bop pace. I’ve received some interesting feedback on this piece so far.  ““wow!!!…It’s a real pleasure to listen to your rhythm textures and amazing arrangements… especially Hungarian dance. What a job!!!“ Sergio Alexianian – Italy. It’s gonna be fun getting this together with all the offbeat acoustic guitar. 🙂 It even has some old style Prog with plenty of phrasing the middle.

6 Outta This Came That

An African influenced groove with a middle eastern flavour on melody and sound. This even has some Takka takka Indian influenced voice on it.

NOTE: These are not all the tracks for the album. The above is to give you an idea of the scope and range of musical influences. So if you’re looking at wanting to play this, the first question to ask yourself is “can I handle all the styles?” For guitar, you should be equally at home on acoustic as well as electric. For bass, if you don’t play upright then you should at least have a fretless including your standard 5 or six string bass. Keys players: a lot of time you will be playing two different parts at once, and sometimes rhythmically very contrary. So co-ordination skills? I want to keep the music as live and organic as possible with little or no backing tracks.