Life Balance workshops and private consultations


Do you want to achieve more in life and generally be happier without the hype?


Life Balance workshops with Georg Voros will help you better structure your life and give more clarity to all that you do and all that you wish for. Fun and interactive, these workshops will soon be available.

Don’t want to attend a workshop?

Would you prefer a more intimate environment and work with Georg at your own pace?

Book confidential consultations with Georg on a one on one basis. Take a block booking of four or more consultations and receive a discount. These consultations are inwardly digest and focused on helping you pinpoint problems and how to effectively deal with them to achieve a successful outcome overall.

Don’t miss out. Click HERE to fill out the contact form or call us on 083 269 2404 or 083 785 2991 and give us your details so that you can be sure to register for one of these workshops and/or book your first consultation with Georg.