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Study drumming with the only South African Drum Teacher included in Dom Famularo’s Modern Drummer (USA) recommended list of drum teachers worldwide. Read more about Georg HERE.

Check out Georg demonstrating a Distinction level performance of a Grade 8 Rockschool piece!

One on one lessons
20 mins lesson at R150 per lesson once a week. (Recommended for beginner and novice students under the age of 10) General graded level up to Grade 1.
30 mins lesson at R220 per lesson once a week attendance. (Typical lesson length for most of our young students) General graded level up to Grade 2/3.
45 mins lesson at R290 per lesson once a week. (Recommended for all grade 3+ and adult students)
60 mins lesson at R350 per lesson once a week. (Recommended for all grade 6+ and advanced students)

Pairs and groups
All per person and subject to availability of other students.

Pair – 30 mins: R100 each per 30 mins
Trio – 30 mins R80 each per 30 mins

Other group rates on request.

One off Assessments
30 mins and 60 mins assessment sessions are available for prospective students wishing to gauge their level and standard for placement, before committing to register as a student of the school (No further obligation is required following assessment).

Assessments are also available for outside drummers wishing to gauge their level and standard before applying to a music school or university, or simply to gauge their playing level.

30 mins assessment – R240
60 mins assessment – R400

Further costs
On joining we supply a starter pack that includes initial learning materials and an A4 hard cover practice journal plus student registration. (R100 is added to the first invoice)

Payment details
Our preferred method of payment for all students is EFT (Electronic transfer). Click here to see terms and conditions of the school.

Cheques are not accepted and we do not operate a credit card facility. Cash is acceptable for one off assessments paid before the session.


Success story! Many of Georg’s students have gone on to play with some of the biggest bands and artists in South Africa including winning prestigious music competitions. Click HERE to see a list of past and present students who have made a name for themselves.

“Learning to play drums with Georg is so much more than just learning an instrument. His knowledge and experience provides me with the tools to attack any challenges on the drum kit and life in general. I don’t believe it is possible to leave a lesson with Georg without feeling wiser” – Quinton Hoffmann  33. Playing 2 years
“I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Georg and found my time with him to be extremely invaluable. I highly recommend him as drum tutor to anyone looking to really up their game…” Travis Marc 29 – Playing 12 years. Munkinpure

To book your first lesson simply fill in the FORM at the bottom of this page or send us an email HERE.


Music theory lessons are available up to Grade 3 (Level 1) and based on the Rockschool Popular Music Theory syllabus.

These group lessons are limited to five students per group. Once enough students have enrolled for a group, classes will begin. Attendance is once a week and will take place at the same time every week.

These lessons are well suited for all young musicians wishing to gain a basic understanding of contemporary music theory and enhancing their band knowledge. They are also suitable for adults wanting to gain a basic knowledge of contemporary music theory and how singers and the various musicians in a band fit into the live and studio performance scenario.

All students have the option of sitting exams should they wish to do so.

Music Theory lessons are available in 30 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins sessions.

30 mins group music theory lesson – R60 (Recommended for students up to the age of 12)
45 mins group music theory lesson – R80 (Recommended for students 12 to 17)
60 mins group music theory lesson – R100 (Recommended for students 18+ and adults)

Payment details:
Our preferred method of payment for all students is EFT (Electronic transfer). Click here to see terms and conditions of the school.

Cheques are not accepted and we do not operate a credit card facility. Click HERE for enquiries and how to book your first lesson.

To book your first lesson simply fill in the FORM at the bottom of this page or send us an email HERE.


Structure and accreditation
Music Performance Diploma courses run partially full-time and are between 6 to 7 months in duration depending on the qualification level and size of the group. They are very intensive in nature with three days attendance required per week consisting of 3 hours (9.30am – 12.30pm).

Each qualification is UK accredited offering UCAS credits towards further university study. Each diploma offers a different amount of credits on successful completion:

Level 4 (DipRSL) = 90 credits
Level 6 (LRSL) = 180 credits

Real world qualifications
DipRSL at Level 4 is quality equivalent to the first year of a BA Degree and Level 6 is quality equivalent to the third year of a BA Degree. The Level 6 is also referred to as a Licentiate in Music Performance. These qualifications can enhance teaching career prospects at a formal institution. It is possible to gain both Level 4 and Level 6 qualifications in one year with a committed attitude and enthusiastic study focus.
Outstanding value and quality

As a diploma student you will enjoy these benefits on each Performance Diploma course:
• Around 220 hours of specialist interactive tuition
• Expert guidance all the way
• Thorough pre exam preparation
• Diploma exam entry fee included
• Study materials included (minus candidate research)
• A motivating and inspiring student environment
• Small group classes offering individual attention

Course content and what’s covered
As an RSL Music Performance Diploma student you will improve your overall standard and playing ability while gaining an internationally recognised professional music qualification. The intensive curriculum improves motor skills, technique and sound, explores contemporary and traditional musical concepts, and encourages research into a wider range of repertoire across different styles. Additionally, it develops modern stagecraft requirements and informs students of important music business and promotional practices essential for any independent musician in todays industry.

Eligibility requirements
Level 4 – DipRSL
Entry requirements require at least a Grade 8 or equivalent music qualification. Exemption can be applied for if you have sufficient proven evidence of performing ability and experience (Shows, recordings, tours, etc). One letter of reference will be required from a music professional. Prospective students will need to submit their qualification and also pass an audition process to be eligible.

Level 6 – LRSL
Entry requirements require at least a Grade 8 with sufficient proven performing experience or a Level 4 or equivalent music qualification with experience. Two letters of reference will be required from music professionals. Prospective students will need to submit their qualification/s and also pass an audition process to be eligible.
Useful advice: South African students who are successful in gaining a diploma can apply to SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) to obtain the equivalent local NVQ accreditation should they require this for a local job application.

If you are interested in applying for any of these courses contact us to arrange an initial assessment session to evaluate your eligibility.

Courses begin when the required number of at least 5 students has registered.

Course prices
Pricing on these courses is available on enquiry and can be paid as a once off payment, or an instalment option is available to help with budgeting and can be paid over 6 months. When choosing this option a 5% administrative fee is added on and calculated on the total fee price. This admin fee is included in the first month instalment and is non-refundable.

To start the process of enquiry simply fill in the FORM at the bottom of this page or send us an email HERE.


These specialist courses are offered on a full-time and part time basis at level 4 (DipRSL) and level 6 (LRSL) which is a Licentiate.

They are intended for music teachers who would like to gain a professional music teaching qualification and be expertly guided throughout the learning process. While choosing to go it alone in opting for the online option which fundamentally means paying the exam fee and receiving guidelines on how to proceed might work for some, these courses eliminate all guesswork and are aimed at a highly successful outcome.

Your highly experienced instructor with a 100% success rate in delivering these courses will skilfully navigate you through every step of the programme. While this is validated fact, it is the responsibility of every candidate to apply everything learned and put in the required amount of effort to gain maximum benefit.

In choosing to take a course part-time you will gain your qualification in a much lesser time frame and in doing so will prove to be more cost effective when compared to the cost of attending a full-time institution awarding a similar level professional qualification. The full-time option is a week long and is very intensive in nature requiring a full-time commitment for the entire course length.

Both part-time and full-time course options are carefully structured with a focus whereby all students maintain pace comfortably and complete all tasks effectively within the given time periods. Of great significance is the delivery process that incorporates a positive and interactive environment, whereby all involved benefit from enhancing their teaching skills and knowledge. In short, you will not only receive a career advancing qualification offering post-nominal letters after your name, your teaching knowledge will be expanded and enriched.

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