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NEW album release 2019!

Georg is releasing his second solo album in 2019. The music is influenced by his upbringing in Africa and his European heritage. The album's music is already written and features a mix of eclectic styles and moods. Some might even call it World Music. You decide! One thing is sure... this unusual blend of music will grab your attention. He is also forming a band to play this album and also material from his debut alum 'Bach to Me' live. Announcements will...
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Building a sound proof drum booth – Part three

Welcome back! Apologies for taking so long to deliver Part Three of this series. Things have been a little crazy and tasks had to be arranged in order of priority. Never-the-less, here it is. Before we get to pics of the completed booth here is a reminder why this all came about. In recently moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, I needed a place to practice and also record my acoustic drum kit. Also, a major reason for doing this is that I'm recording an...
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Building a soundproof drum booth – Part Two

Welcome back! This blog post features day 3 and 4 of us building our 'box within a box' soundproof drum booth system. For those of you reading this and who missed part one then check it out as you'll see the great progress gained from when we started out. Click HERE to go to this blog. As a reminder in why I'm doing this: In recently moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, I need a place to practice and also record my acoustic...
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